Before anything else, we’re focused on getting to know your business’ specific systems and processes. We’ll dive deep into your day-to-day challenges, while listening to your specific needs to ensure you receive the information you need in the timeframe you need it.

We’ll analyze your internal controls, test your transactions and communicate with third parties to provide a thorough review of your financial statements, informing you of any miscalculations or opportunities to improve.

When it’s time to present your records or file your taxes, you’ll never have to worry about getting caught unaware. We’ll provide meticulous records and continuous support, so you can stay confident in your financial future.

The Data You Need to Achieve Your Business Goals

The audit process can be tedious and time-consuming, but it’s also crucial that you receive them on time and without any unwanted surprises. That’s why our team provides highly-skilled, hands-on auditing services that provide you complete clarity of your business’ finances – not just during tax season, but whenever you need it.

Our payroll services include:

Local, regional and national payroll service options

State and federal payroll tax filings

Pay all payroll tax liabilities

Direct deposit capabilities

Dedicated payroll specialist

Achieve the Highest Level of Assurance

Accurate Audits When You Need Them

Tax issues are not uncommon, so we will arm you with dependable tax team that has experience with complicated tax returns. You’ll benefit from our experience with the a variety of industries and business sizes to assure the accuracy, thoroughness and compliance of your books.

Innovative Solutions & Technology

You’ll receive the expertise of a personal accountant who not only puts the numbers on a page, but looks to the future of your business to find new ways to make your money work for you. We use only the latest software tools to ensure an enhanced level of assurance for all your data.

Expert Auditing Guidance

Our auditing services don’t stop after we provide you the data you need. You’ll receive internal auditing expertise and support to keep you well-informed about your finances and your business aligned with the ever-changing requirements.

Who Do We Help?

Small Business

While working tirelessly to grow your small business, the last thing you need is an error or miscalculation setting you back. We’ll get all your paperwork organized and go through everything with a fine-tooth comb to ensure every detail is accurate and accounted for.

Single Member LLC's/Partnership

Staying compliant with federal, state and city grants can be challenging in a Single Member LLC or Partnership. By letting us perform an expert analysis of your financial activity, we’ll ensure you stay aligned with the ever-changing regulations and improve your financial and operational efficiencies moving forward.

S-Corporations, & C-Corporations

Your business is constantly shifting, expanding and moving ahead, so your audit should fit your processes, your industry and your stakeholders. Our experienced auditors know how to anticipate and adapt continuously to all the changes and challenges you face, so you can prepare for what’s ahead.

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