James Matthews, CPA


James Matthews started his practice in 1983 in East Brunswick New Jersey. James Matthews has been successfully serving clients and their businesses with reliable and accurate accounting and tax services for over 3 decades. Concentrating on small to mid-size businesses, non-profits, as well as individual tax preparation, the firm has cultivated a reputation for honesty, technical ability and integrity.

James Matthews is a graduate of Saint Peter’s University, located in Jersey City, NJ.

Michael Nulty, CPA


In early 2015, continuing with the firm’s core values, James Matthews made Michael W. Nulty a partner of the firm. Like James, Michael is also a graduate of Saint Peter’s University, in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Before becoming a partner of the firm, Michael spent seven years working under James, polishing his craft in accounting, auditing and tax. Together, James and Michael have a wealth of knowledge and have helped numerous entities both for profit and not for profit, become successful.



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